Hemiva Oy was established in 2001. From the very beginning the company has specialised in the in-situ construction of ships’ cabins and other specific areas. Prefabricated module cabins are not part of the company’s product portfolio. The workforce consists of professionals who have extensive experience in this field and who all share a high standard of workmanship. The company’s headquarters are in Forssa, Finland, where the structural frames of the cabins are pre-constructed. A particular expertise of Hemiva Oy is the construction of challenging deluxe suites for luxury cruise liners. The company has constructed specialized suites for cruise ships built in Finland for fifteen years and has a wide network of partners and highly competent, reliable subcontractors. The company has substantial stainless steel know-how and fully understands its properties, performance and uses. In addition to shipping companies, this expertise has also been utilised by the meat processing industry.



For Hemiva the continuity of supply and quality of the products are matters of pride. The building of the cabins complies strictly with the specifications from the shipping companies and in close cooperation with other contractors. In the early stages when building of the suite begins, the ship is only an iron frame. All the interior work is completed on a turnkey basis, except for piping and electrical works. The construction projects are carried out in accordance with the customer's safety management system and insurance policy conditions. The highest quality building materials are used in construction. In addition to metal; wood, other building and interior furnishing materials are shaped by the hands of the Hemiva personnel. Recently, the company has also been involved in the design of suites, which helps in the realisation of the desired end result. The completed suites have varied in size between 18 m2 to 141 m2. The standard of facilities for each suite is stipulated by the shipping company, from gold plated door handles and faucets to marble surfaces. The seamless suspended ceilings are also constructed in-situ. Finally, the interior is finished with elegant and appropriate furnishings. Hemiva Oy guarantees its work for one year. After the one year’s guarantee period, the customer is offered a service and repair option.